A downloadable game for Windows

Alone in the dark...

You open the tray of your recently purchased BlayStation 1 and pop in a demo disc.  Soon, the comforting glow of the BS1 startup sequence greets you on your CRT television.

Nothing on Earth could ruin this moment...


This is our submission to Haunted Hunting Jam.


DemoDisc1-v1.1.zip 368 MB


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I couldn't cope with the N64-like rigid gameplay, but I really liked the twist you've done on Goldeneye ! It made me jump a little :) Very creepy, awesome job !

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Thanks for making this!


wow. just, wow. its very good and very scary! i couldnt handle it lol


That was a very good game! I Hope that there will be a second part too :)


Glad you liked it! It's unlikely, but I hope we make a second part as well :D



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Thanks for playing and sharing your experience!