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Doc ill Have you thought about creating a full game for "Oh Shiba!" Or "Agent Orange"?

Personally I think "Oh Shiba!" has more potential to be a full game than "Agent Orange"

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why the army theme for the creepy mode?

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Your brilliant game is at 11:53! I enjoyed this one immensely. The way Agent Orange had me trying to actually avoid wasting my ammo for a completely different reason than expected threw me for a really good loop!
Shibe Dog can run fast, but they can't seem to outrun being eaten. That one was a real treat! the jumps were fair, and the camera angle worked really well! Although it seems like the game was not intended to play in reverse. you should make something different happen if played in the opposite order! (Bam, doubled playtime instantly)

 Really good. Solid 10/10. Can't wait for the bigger version if you do make them!


eggsbogs or blaystation?


eggs bogs? Blaystation? I only play on the inthendont 69

bovtinaati yabujin?


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its good but why do you have to do this the one time i think im free from horror playstation games i jinx it so thanks for the many heart attacks i had playing this and i went back to oh shiba to calm myself down but nope it was fucked up too! and then i died and i didnt even finish the game as soon as i tried to quit and save my sanity it was another twist so i quit before i almost pissed myself, now please excuse me while i change my underwear


I couldn't cope with the N64-like rigid gameplay, but I really liked the twist you've done on Goldeneye ! It made me jump a little :) Very creepy, awesome job !

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Thanks for making this!


wow. just, wow. its very good and very scary! i couldnt handle it lol


your talking to the one who almost pissed themselves playing this because i thought it was going to be the one ps1 style game that wouldnt be scary




That was a very good game! I Hope that there will be a second part too :)


Glad you liked it! It's unlikely, but I hope we make a second part as well :D

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Thanks for playing and sharing your experience!